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Beard Transplantation Process

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Beard transplants are performed to eliminate the hair deficiencies in men’s facial areas. This procedure can be performed instead of pre-existing hairs in the face area, or it can be applied to areas where there is no hair at all. The people who perform this procedure are specialists who have received the necessary training for beard transplantation. After the procedure, men are provided to get rid of the beardless appearance that bothers them.

How Is Beard Transplantation Performed?

Those who are considering beard transplantation in facial areas seek an answer to the question of how beard is transplanted. The transplantation process to be performed for men to have the bearded appearance they want is performed under local anaesthesia. Transplantation is performed by removing hair follicles from the back of the hair or other hairy parts of the person. There are two different methods used for transplantation. These are FUE beard transplantation method and FUT beard transplantation method.FUE beard transplantation method: During beard and moustache transplantation with the FUE method, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the appropriate area without cutting. The hair follicles are transplanted to the face area in a natural way. After this application, which does not leave any scars, the way the beard grows is also one by one.FUT beard transplantation method: FUT method is one of the old methods used in beard transplantation. The hair follicles to be used are removed by surgery in the FUT method. An incision is made in the skin during the extraction. It is also ensured that the roots are placed upright. Since there is surgery and skin incision, scarring is inevitable in this method. The beard grows in groups on the part of the face where the transplantation takes place.

Is Beard Transplant Permanent?

It is seen that the beard transplantation is permanent when those who have beard transplantation in the face area prefer the right person and successful specialist. The process is added as healthy because healthy hair or other hair follicles are used.Since the person’s own hair is used for this procedure, there are no problems such as re-shedding or temporary beard formation. However, in order not to have problems with their beards, people who will have transplantation should definitely take expert warnings into consideration. Thus, it is inevitable that they will have a bearded appearance that they can use for a lifetime.

Beard Transplant Stages

Today, the FUE method is widely preferred for beard transplantation in the face area. This is effective in that the procedure leaves no scars and is easier to perform.The stages of the transplantation process carried out with the work of the beard transplant specialist are as follows;
  • Preliminary examination: Before the beard transplantation, a preliminary examination is performed by the specialist. During this examination, the suitability of the process is investigated.
  • Determining the area: It is ensured that the area where the beard transplantation will be performed is determined. These areas are chin, upper lip, cheek and neck.
  • Graft number planning: The number of grafts to be used for the hairless area to regain hair is determined. The number of grafts is 1000-3000 grafts depending on the region.
  • Test procedure: Blood and other tests are performed before the procedure. The operation time is determined according to the test results.
  • Disinfecting: The area where the transplantation will take place is disinfected. In this way, hygienic treatment is carried out and no allergy / side effects are experienced.
  • Local anaesthesia application: Local anaesthesia is applied so that the person who will undergo the procedure does not feel pain. After anaesthesia is given, hair extraction and transplantation procedures are started.
  • Collection of hair follicles: The roots are collected from the area determined for the removal of hair follicles. At this stage, cylindrical needles are used to collect the roots one by one. The collected roots are placed in the prepared solution and waited for transplantation.
  • Transplantation: After collecting hair follicles from hair or other areas, transplantation is performed in the determined area with the help of a 0.7 mm needle. The transplantation process is applied in the same way for each hair follicle.
The answer to “How long does beard transplantation, where these procedures are performed one by one, last?” question is 4-5 hours. This time may vary depending on the number of grafts and the size of the area to be transplanted.

Beard Transplant Prices

Beard transplantation price information is an important issue. People who dream of having a bearded appearance of their faces realise their dreams thanks to affordable prices. The price is very relative.Because transplantation centre, specialist, transplantation technique, transplantation area, number of grafts and additional procedures form the price. For this reason, people who are considering transplantation should make a detailed market research.The average beard transplantation price is between 10-20 thousand TRY in 2023. However, the preferred transplantation centre should be contacted for a current and clear price.

Beard Transplant Process

It is possible to complete the beard transplantation process within a short period of 4-5 hours after the examination and preliminary preparations are completed. After the transplantation, the beard transplantation healing process is expected. This process takes approximately 1-2 weeks.After the beard is transplanted, redness occurs in the application area. This redness passes within a maximum of 1 week. In addition to redness, it is also possible to see crusting. The transition period of crusting is approximately 1 week.The area where the transplantation is performed is washed as recommended after 3 days. With the correct application of washing and care procedures, the healing process is completed within 1 month.

Is Beard Transplant Permanent?

Beard transplantation preferred by men is a permanent procedure. The permanence of this process, which provides lifelong beard use, is possible with the complete realisation of the maintenance and control stages to be performed after the application.

After How Long Does A Beard Grow After Beard Transplantation?

The growth of beards after beard transplantation varies between 4-6 months. However, it is possible to start to see the transplanted beards after washing 3 days after the transplantation. These beards, which give the appearance of stubble, are subject to temporary shedding within 2-3 weeks on average. After the temporary shedding is over, new beards begin to grow.After the beard transplantation, the growth period of new beards continues for up to 2 years. At the end of 2 years, it is ensured that people have permanent beards.

Important Points to Consider After Beard Transplant

It is possible for men to be satisfied after the beard transplantation if they take into account the warnings of the centre and the specialist. People who strictly follow the warnings made before and after the procedure can achieve the bearded appearance of their dreams.Men should pay attention before and after beard transplantation;
  • Beard transplantation should be performed in a sterile environment and in a suitable hair transplantation centre.
  • If you are eligible for transplantation, smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped at least 3 days before the day of transplantation.
  • Blood thinners should be discontinued at least 3 days before the transplantation.
  • After the transplantation process, the application area should not be touched with water for the first 3 days.
  • Smoking and alcohol should not be used for 3 days after the application.
  • Sexual intercourse should be avoided for the first 3 days.
  • During the first 1 week, turtlenecks and clothes that will come into contact with the face should be avoided.
  • During the first 1 week, the nutrition programme recommended by the specialist should be followed.
  • The area should be dressed 7 days after the application.
  • At the end of 1 week after the crusting and redness has passed, the care lotion given by the specialist should be used correctly.
  • The first shave after beard transplantation should be done 15-20 days after the application. If the crusting has not disappeared within this period, shaving should be waited for a while longer.
  • After washing the face for the first 1 month, drying should be done carefully.
Apart from these, medicines and lotions given by the specialist doctor should continue to be used for the face for the specified period. In this way, beard transplantation is successful and the desired bearded appearance is achieved.

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