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Body Aesthetic Procedures

People feel better when they have the body shape they want. Overweight people consider having body aesthetics to eliminate the deformations that occur after they start to experience weight loss with various methods. After excessive weight loss, various aesthetic procedures are performed to eliminate the deformation in the body and to shape the body.

These procedures are surgical procedures and are performed by specialised physicians. In recent years, it is known that body contouring surgeries are performed more frequently. Surgical procedures applied to different parts of the body are performed according to the wishes of the person and the deformation of the body.

In surgeries performed for body aesthetics, it provides correction of fat tissues under the skin. After excessive weight loss, skin tissues do not adapt to the body shape and reveal images such as sagging and wrinkles. This causes deterioration in the external appearance of the person and with various surgical interventions, the desired shaping and good appearance can be achieved.

The skin, which stretches and expands when weight is gained, will be loose to the body structure after weight loss. When the skin is unsupported, it forms sagging and this occurs in certain parts of the body. Aesthetic surgeries can be performed on all areas with skin deformation.

After the surgeries to be performed, the treated area will create a healthy appearance with a firmer appearance. These operations will both shape the body as desired and make the person feel better psychologically.

What is Body Aesthetics?

Those who pay attention to their health and appearance are researching questions such as what is body aesthetics and how it is done. Body contouring surgical operations performed to eliminate body deformations caused by weight loss or various external factors are called body aesthetics.

Contour and transition corrections are made in subcutaneous tissues to eliminate body deformities that occur as sagging skin. These procedures performed by aesthetic and plastic surgery specialists are applied to the whole body or certain parts of the body.

In order to have a complete body aesthetics, deformation must have occurred throughout the body. Those who want to shape their bodies as they wish can have local procedures.

The regions and surgical procedures for body contouring are as follows:

  • Arm lift,
  • Thigh lift,
  • Hip aesthetics,
  • Leg and ankle aesthetics,
  • Abdominoplasty,
  • Liposuction,
  • Hi-def liposcution,
  • Body contouring,

Body contouring and aesthetic surgeries are performed to heal the excesses formed in certain parts of the body with age progression or excessive weight loss and to create a firmer body image. Depending on the patient’s body structure and general health status, it is decided what kind of procedure will be performed and the desired appearance is achieved in a few sessions.

In order for the body to look more aesthetic and better, the skin tissues should have a normal appearance. The expansion of the skin structure over time can cause it to create an image incompatible with the body structure.

Those who are uncomfortable with this situation can achieve a normal appearance with plastic surgery and eliminate the effects of aging. Those who prefer plastic surgery to shape their bodies should pay attention to some issues before and after surgery.

Is Body Contouring Surgery Permanent?

Those who want to shape their body the way they want, agree to have surgical procedures performed under anaesthesia. The majority of body contouring aesthetic surgeries can be permanent. This permanent effect depends on the age of the patient and the deformation that occurs in the area to be aestheticised.

The majority of patients who undergo surgery can see that there is no deformation in the treated areas even many years after the surgical intervention and that the procedures are permanent. Depending on the area to be treated and the skin tissue deformation in that area, the procedures can be performed with or without surgery.

Body contouring procedures can be performed on one or more parts of the body. Men and women who are uncomfortable with their body appearance can have it done whenever they want. In women, after childbirth, sagging may occur in the abdominal muscles and chest areas. These sagging that occur with body contouring surgical operations can be eliminated with lifting procedures.

The patient must be over 18 years of age for these procedures to be performed. If skin tissue deformations adversely affect the general health status of the patient, it can also be performed on younger patients regardless of the age limit. There is no upper age limit for body contouring operations.

Contouring operations to be performed on certain parts of the body are performed under anaesthesia. Depending on the area where the patient is uncomfortable with his/her external appearance, specialised physicians decide which method will be applied and how. All contouring works are performed in a permanent manner and the patient does not experience problems such as sagging in the same area again. In order for the surgeries to be permanent, the patient should pay attention to his/her health and the recommendations made after the surgery.

Body Aesthetics Prices

Body aesthetic surgeries are performed regionally and priced according to the size of the procedure to be performed. One of the most curious issues for those who want to learn about body contouring operations is aesthetic procedure prices.

After examining the patient, the specialist physician gives price information according to the detected skin tissue deformation and the procedures to be performed. Aesthetic centres cannot publish a price tariff for the procedures to be performed on their websites. The Ministry of Health has prohibited this and prices can be given after the patient has been examined.

Body aesthetic prices vary according to the procedures to be performed. The price is determined according to each of the aesthetic surgery options and the patient’s problems. Those who want to get price information for aesthetic surgeries can contact aesthetic centres approved by the Ministry of Health.

Aesthetic surgeries that provide contouring in certain parts of the body are as follows:

  • Rhinoplasty,
  • Breast aesthetics,
  • Facial aesthetics,
  • Body aesthetics,

Different contouring operations can be performed under each of these options. For facial aesthetics, there are different types of operations such as face lift, neck lift, eyebrow lift, prominent ear aesthetics, lip aesthetics, eyelid aesthetics. Since different procedures are needed for contouring in different parts of the body, surgery price information is not given before the patient is examined and diagnosed.

Patients can make price comparisons and service quality comparisons by doing aesthetic centre and aesthetic surgery specialist physician research. When you want to shape your body, you should also learn what you should pay attention to after surgery. Aesthetic surgery prices are constantly changing according to annual data and regulations. The expertise of the physician who will perform the operation is also a factor in determining the prices.

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