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Sagging occurs in the arms, one of the organs that provide movement in humans. Sagging causes the arm to look bad. This causes people to feel psychologically bad and look for solutions to eliminate sagging. One of the solutions for arm sagging is arm lifting. Thanks to arm lift procedures, the arm is provided to have a tense, tight and thin structure.

Why Does the Arm Sag?

Before starting arm lift procedures, it is necessary to clarify the question of why the arm sags.The reasons for the appearance of sagging in the arms located in the upper and lateral parts of the human body are as follows;
  • Decrease in collagen structure in the arms and loss of elasticity of the arm skin
  • Aging effect
  • Frequent weight gain and loss
  • Postnatal weight loss
  • Gastric reduction surgery
  • Excessive exposure to sun rays
  • Genetic factors
  • Gravity
  • Irritation of subcutaneous tissues
Arm aesthetic methods are used for sagging in the arms due to these reasons. Thanks to these methods, the bad image on the arms is fixed. Accordingly, people feel themselves happier.

What is Arm Lifting?

Aesthetic interventions performed to correct sagging in people’s arms and bad appearance due to sagging are called arm lift. Interventions for arm sagging differ in terms of duration and application. The decision on the type of intervention is made by taking into account the request of the person, the sagging condition in the arm and the suitability of the arm for the intervention to be performed.

What are the Methods Used in Arm Lifting?

It is possible to divide the arm lift methods that can be performed for sagging and thickened arms into three groups. These are surgical arm lift, non-surgical arm lift and liposuctin method.

Surgical Arm Lift Method

The surgical method that adopts to get rid of the saggy appearance of the arms is called arm lift surgery. In order for the operation to take place, the health condition of the person is checked. If no problems are encountered in the tests performed, it is decided to perform lifting surgery.Arm lift surgery is performed using general anaesthesia and local anaesthesia depending on the patient. If general anaesthesia is preferred in the surgery to restore the arms to their former appearance, the patient is asked to stay in the hospital for 1 day. At the end of 1 day, discharge is made after the control. In cases where local anaesthesia is used for the operation, the patient is discharged before the end of the same day. Before discharge, the necessary controls are carried out and hospital discharge is given according to the absence of any problems.

Non-Surgical Arm Lift Method

In cases where arm thinning surgery is not preferred, non-surgical arm lift method is selected for lifting and thinning the arms. Focus ultrasound is used for non-surgical arm lift application. Focus ultrasound device using ultrasound energy is used by attaching suitable heads to the arm. The device allows the sagging area to heal thanks to the contact of ultrasound energy. When using the device, no cuts are made on any part of the arm, so there is no scar.

Liposuction Method

The third method used for people who need arm lift aesthetic application is liposuction (fat removal). Since sagging in the arms is caused by the increase in adipose tissue, this method is used to tighten the arm by removing the fat.The liposuction method used for arm lifting is applied in 3 types. Which type will be preferred is determined by examining the amount of fat in the patient’s arm skin and the resulting sagging rate.Liposuction arm lift types are as follows;Laser liposuction: In this method, it is adopted to remove the fat in the arm from the body by turning it into liquid by means of laser lights. Since dissolution in fats is provided, the process gives results quickly. In addition, the healing process of the person who has the procedure is also fast. Patients are advised to use saline solution for laser liposuction to provide definite results. There is no incision on the skin in this application. In addition, the areas other than the sagging arm area are not damaged during the application.Tumescent liposuction: In the tumescent liposuction procedure used for arm lifting, medical fluids are injected onto the fat in the arm. These fluids are epinephrine and lidocaine. Thanks to these fluids, the fat tissues swell and reach a moulded appearance.After the moulding of the fat tissues, the adipose tissue is removed by using microcannula on the arm. After the removal process, the necessary fats are placed under the skin. Thus, the arm is provided to have a tight appearance. Since local anaesthesia is used in the procedure, the patient does not feel pain.Vaser liposuction: The last type of liposuction used for lifting sagging arms is vaser liposuction. In this method, ultrasound energy is given to the fats that cause visual disturbance. With the effect of energy, fats turn into liquid. The liquidised fats are discharged through the opened cannulas. Thus, it is ensured that the arms gain a lean, sag-free and tight appearance.Arm lift methods should be decided by the patient after a joint interview with aesthetic surgery or specialists. In these consultations, it is ensured that the most appropriate method is determined and implementation planning is made. If it is determined that there is excess skin in the sagging in the arm in the examinations, liposuction will not be effective and surgery should be decided.

Arm Lift Procedure Prices

Arm lift procedures are performed in many hospitals-centres for men and women who have sagging arms due to aging, exposure to sunlight, weight loss and genetic reasons. The high number of places where the procedure will be performed makes it inevitable to see different rates in arm lift surgery prices.The methods to be used for arm lift have an effect on the determination of prices. Separate prices are applied for each of the surgical, non-surgical and liposuction methods. The reason for this is that the device used in the procedure, the personnel, the duration of stay in the centre and the details of the procedure stages are different. It is possible to learn the 2023 prices according to the method by going to the hospital and health centre.

Arm Lift Surgery Process

Arm lift surgeries are the most commonly used aesthetic application to get rid of thickness and sagging in the arms. The surgery prevents people from being uncomfortable looking at their arms.Complete preparation before and after arm lift surgery is the most important criterion for the success of the procedure. In order for the operation to start, male or female patients must be examined for the first time and the suitability of the operation must be decided during the examination. It is also ensured that the patient’s requests are fully listened to during the first examination.To start arm lift surgery, the patient is given general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia. With the surgery that starts after anaesthesia, the fat tissue and sagging skin on the arms are removed. This procedure lasts for 2-3 hours depending on the tissue density and depth under the skin.If the patient has been exposed to local anaesthesia after arm lift surgery, the patient is discharged 3-4 hours after the control is performed. Patients given general anaesthesia are asked to stay in the hospital or centre for 1 day depending on the control.

What Should Be Considered During The Arm Lifting Process?

People who are considering getting rid of sagging and thickening in their arms should be careful during the arm lift process. Careful behaviour during the procedure ensures that the procedure and healing after the procedure takes place smoothly.Some of the situations that women and men should pay attention to during arm lift procedures are as follows;
  • It should be ensured that specialised hospitals, centres and clinics are preferred for arm aesthetics.
  • It should be ensured that you are suitable for arm lift methods in terms of age and health status.
  • It should be ensured that arm lift procedures are performed by specialist doctors.
  • The information given about the healing process after arm lift surgery should be fully utilised.
  • If patients who have undergone surgery are given arm corsets, care must be taken to ensure that the corsets are used for the recommended period (usually 3 weeks).
  • Straining the arms should be avoided for 2 weeks after surgery and other methods.
  • Absolutely no bathing should be done for 2 days after arm lift surgery.
After surgical, non-surgical and liposuction methods, if the patient is given a date for control, care should be taken to go to the centre on the given date and make sure that the control is done.If the operation was performed with stitches, the appropriate date should also be waited for the stitches to be removed. When these issues are treated carefully, it is possible for people to live their lives with tight and tense arms for a long time depending on the method they prefer.

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