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What is Breast Aesthetics?

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Breast aesthetics refers to a series of cosmetic surgical procedures performed to improve the shape, size and appearance of the breast area and is also referred to as breast aesthetics. Breast aesthetics can be performed for many purposes, such as increasing breast size, reducing it or correcting its shape.

Those who want to have breast aesthetic surgery are usually women who want to change breast size or shape. However, breast aesthetic operations can also be performed for women who require reconstruction after a breast cancer diagnosis or mastectomy by detecting the stages before and after breast aesthetics.

Men can also benefit from breast aesthetic operations in case of gynaecomastia (enlargement of the breasts in men). Breast aesthetic types include the following Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation is used to increase breast size.

This operation can be performed by placing an implant filled with silicone or saline solution or by fat transfer. Breast Reduction: Breast reduction surgery is performed for women who want to reduce breast size. This operation is performed by removing part or all of the breast tissue.

Breast Lift: Breast lift surgery is performed to correct breast shape through the modification and lifting of breast tissue. This operation is usually performed for a breast that has fallen or sagged due to factors such as childbirth, breastfeeding or aging. Breast Reconstruction: Breast reconstruction can be performed for women who have undergone mastectomy for breast cancer. This operation is used for the reconstruction of breast tissue and can sometimes be performed in combination with breast augmentation or lifting operations. Breast Asymmetry Correction: Some women experience congenital breast asymmetry. Breast asymmetry correction operation is performed to equalise breast size or shape. Breast aesthetic operations offer many different options for women to change breast size, shape or appearance. This conclusion was made on the different methods listed above regarding the types of breast aesthetics. These operations can be performed depending on many factors such as personal preferences or health reasons.

How is Breast Aesthetics Performed?

Breast aesthetics refers to a series of cosmetic surgical procedures performed to improve the size, shape or appearance in the breast area. Breast aesthetic operations can be performed for different purposes such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, breast reconstruction or breast asymmetry correction. As an answer to the question of how breast aesthetics is performed, it is possible to basically divide it into 3 as the preparation stage, operation stage and post-operative stage.

In the preparation stage, the patient receives all the information about the operation and a consultation is held to determine which type of operation is most suitable for them. The patient and surgeon then have a detailed discussion about breast size, shape and appearance, and the patient explains their wishes and expectations to the surgeon.

The surgeon examines the patient’s breast structure and prepares a suitable plan for the procedure.

  • Breast augmentation is usually performed by inserting an implant filled with silicone or saline solution. Those who have breast aesthetics accept the placement of this implant structure in the chest.
  • These implants can be placed under the muscle or under the breast tissue. Implants are available in different sizes and shapes,
  • so the surgeon chooses the one that is suitable for the size and shape desired by the patient. During the operation, the surgeon cuts the breast tissue or muscles, inserts the implant and then closes the incisions.
  • After the operation, the patient may feel discomfort or pain for several days. However, people can usually return to normal activities within a few days.
  • Breast reduction is performed by removing some or all of the breast tissue.

Before the operation, the surgeon examines the size and shape of the breast.

And prepares a plan accordingly.

During the operation, the surgeon reduces the size of the breast by removing breast tissue and then sutures the incisions.

Breast Aesthetic Healing Process

The healing process after breast aesthetic operations may vary depending on the procedure and the patient’s body type. In this case, it means that the question of how many days the breast aesthetics heals can be answered in different ways. However, in general, the healing process after breast aesthetic operations may take several weeks.

After the procedure, when the postoperative healing process of breast aesthetics is examined within a 5-week period, the patient should rest and move slowly in the first week after the operation. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed. If the patient needs to stay in hospital, patient is kept under observation for a few days. During the first week only the patient’s bandages are changed and the drainage tubes are removed.

n the second week after the operation, the patient should still move slowly. As the healing process continues, there is usually less pain. The need for medication is reduced. However, the patient’s physical activities are still limited. The guidelines recommended by the doctor should be followed for the breast aesthetic healing process.

In the third week after the operation, the patient’s healing process begins to accelerate. The patient can do light exercises as permitted by the doctor and can start to return to normal activities. However, heavy physical activities and weight lifting are still not recommended.

In the fourth week after the operation, the patient’s healing process is almost complete. The patient can return to normal activities and do mild exercises. However, heavy sports and weight lifting are still not recommended during this period.

The patient’s healing process is completed in the fifth week after the operation. Breast aesthetic surgery scars begin to disappear. Swelling and bruises can still be seen in the patient’s breast area, but the healing process is almost complete. The patient can resume normal activities.

As a result, the healing process after breast aesthetic operations may vary according to the patient’s body type and the procedure performed. However, it is important for patients to follow the doctor’s recommendations during the healing process, avoid heavy physical activity and carry out regular check-ups.

Breast Aesthetic Prices

Breast aesthetic prices may vary depending on the country, region, hospital, doctor’s experience and type of operation. However, in general, breast aesthetic operations are more costly than other aesthetic operations.

There are many different parameters for the calculation of breast aesthetic prices. It is therefore possible to discover operations with high, medium and low prices. Since health is at stake, one should not take the risk of participating in extremely cheap operations. It is useful to reach a physician who has experience in this field and has a high level of professional experience. The cost of breast aesthetic operations depends on the scope of the operation and the duration of the procedure. Many factors can affect the price of the operation.

Some of these are as follows:

  • Type of operation: There are many different types of breast aesthetic operations. These include breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift and breast reconstruction. The price may also vary depending on the type of operation.
  • Scope of the operation: The scope of the operation depends on the area where the operation will take place and how detailed the operation will be. For example, a breast reduction operation takes longer and requires a more detailed procedure than a breast augmentation operation.
  • The experience of the doctor: The experience of the doctor is an important factor affecting the price of the operation. The fees for an experienced doctor may be higher than for a new doctor.
  • Type of anaesthesia: The type of anaesthesia to be used during the operation can also affect the price of the operation. Although local anaesthesia is usually used, general anaesthesia may be required in some cases and this may increase the cost of the operation.

The price of breast aesthetic operations is generally affected by many different factors. The question of how much breast aesthetics also differs for this reason. However, despite the high prices, the quality and results of operations often meet patients’ expectations.

Before any decision is made to participate in breast aesthetic surgery, it is recommended that patients obtain sufficient information about the cost of the operation and make a budget planning by talking to their doctor.

One of the most important issues here is budget planning. Also, in some cases, insurance companies do not cover breast aesthetic operations. It is therefore entirely in the interests of patients to speak to their insurance company in advance

and to agree with an alternative insurance company to cover the costs of the operation.

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