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Breast Lifting Surgery

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After the recent popularisation of aesthetic appearance, one of the most physically striking areas for women is the breast area. The breast is one of the parts of the body that can often be easily deformed due to age or physical change, especially in women.

The breast, which can change in form due to pregnancy, weight gain and loss, breastfeeding or aging, is an organ that can sag. All factors affect the elasticity structure in the breast tissue and as a result, the breast softens, stretches, loses its shape and sags. Such a breast can only be corrected with a breast lifting operation.

Today, intervening in breast sagging without surgical methods will not be a solution to breast sagging, and incorrectly applied drugs and treatments may have even worse results. For this reason, people with sagging breasts can only achieve the dream of breast lifting with the right method.

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

The breasts lose their former perky shape at different times in each person. While breast sagging occurs earlier in people with large breasts, sagging occurs later in people with small breasts.

Early sagging of the breasts can also be seen as a result of improper brassiere use in women. As a result of these reasons, it is possible to restore sagging breasts to their former form with breast lift surgery.

While the nipple of a breast under normal conditions should remain above the breast fold line, in sagging breasts, the nipple section is equivalent to the fold level. In more advanced cases of breast sagging, the nipple is also below the breast fold.

Breast lift surgery, also known as a breast lifting surgery, is a type of aesthetic operation that is recommended to be performed in cases such as sagging of the nipple downwards due to environmental and purely physical activities and loss of the old form of breast fullness. After this aesthetic operation, the breasts are saved from their old form and the breast tightening process is performed by making it even more prominent and smooth.

At this point, the basic principle to look for the basic disorder required to decide on aesthetic surgery is the result of evaluating whether the nipple is at the breast fold level or lower than the breast fold level.

After breast lift surgery, which is performed to restore the sagging breast form to its former upright appearance, the nipples are completely moved back to their normal position, while the breast tissue is reshaped and the excess skin due to sagging is completely removed from the area.

Although these aesthetic surgeries, known as breast tightening or breast lifting, can be performed on people of all ages, excess weight may need to be lost in order to maintain the breast tissue in this way for a long time.

How Long Does Breast Lift Surgery Last?

In particular, mastopexy, also known as breast lift surgery, is generally known to last between 1.5 and 2.5 hours, while a precise operation time is calculated taking into account the procedures to be performed. It may vary according to any different technique used and the breast lifting procedure to be performed.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

Breast lift surgery, defined as mastopexy in medical language, can basically be performed in two different ways. The surgery is performed by placing silicone under the skin in people with small breasts, and by removing excess breast tissue in people with large breasts. In addition to all these, all asymmetric changes between the breasts, if any, are symmetrised.

First of all, the process starts with the application of the people who decide to have breast lift surgery to the physician. During the examination, the physician checks the nipple position and breast tissue. If there is sagging, breast sagging is detected and the person is informed about the operation.

Afterwards, the person is asked about the desired breast form by giving the correct information about what kind of breast form the person will have. It is important to provide the physician with accurate information at this point. Physicians usually show the breast simulation that has been decided together to make sure that people are sure and get confirmation of this breast form.

During the consultation, some of the examinations requested from the patient must be fulfilled completely. After the completion of mammography and ultrasound techniques, the day of breast lift surgery is decided.

The decided breast lift surgery is performed using general anaesthesia. During the operation, the nipples are brought to the previously planned position. The breast tissue is completely shaped and, if necessary, excess skin in the area is removed. The operation is completed after all these applications. If everything goes well, the patient is discharged later on the day of the operation.

Breast Lift Prices

As in every surgery, the price of breast lift surgery, which is included in aesthetic surgeries, is determined after it is completely decided which procedure will be performed to the patient as a result of all necessary examinations.

Breast lift price information for all decided procedures may vary depending on which materials will be used for the procedures. The aesthetic operation price determined accordingly may also vary according to the hospital.

The Process After Breast Lift Surgery

The postoperative period is usually comfortable. In the first few days, it is normal to feel slight pain when moving or when coughing and sneezing. However, these pains will decrease over time by taking painkillers prescribed by the doctor. Limiting arm movements, especially in this process, reduces pain and has a positive effect on the healing process.

Those who have a breast lift, that is, mastopexy, have to use a bra-like bandage afterwards. The removal of the thin tubes inserted into the sides to drain out the fluid and blood that will accumulate in the inner part is approximately 4 days later.

Since sleeping in a semi-sitting position for three days immediately after the operation will accelerate healing, this sleeping position should be preferred. Especially after mastopexy, it is important to take a break from sportive activities for the first three weeks. Not taking a break from sporting activities causes damage to the newly operated breasts and prolonged pain relief due to arm and chest movements.

Healing Process After Breast Lift Surgery

The things to be considered during the healing process of breast lift surgery are as follows;

  • After the 3rd week, it is possible to return to sports activity rather than arm and chest movements.
  • Return to daily activities can start the day after the operation.
  • Routine controls requested by the physician should be performed at the 3rd and 6th months following the surgery.
  • Liquid foods can be consumed 3-4 hours after breast lift surgery.
  • On the 3rd day after the operation, a physician’s observation is required for dressing and control.
  • Unless otherwise recommended by the physician, showering is allowed after the 2nd day.

The postoperative process spent by paying attention to all these processes allows faster healing. The bruises that may occur in the early stages are expected to disappear spontaneously within 1 or 2 weeks. The swelling heals after surgical interventions and the breasts regain a complete form at the end of maximum 3 months.

First of all, in the situations before and after mastopexy, people get rid of the breast form they are uncomfortable with, and they feel good to wear what they want more smoothly, while they are more confident and more comfortable in social life.

Are There Any Scars Remain After Breast Lift Surgery?

The scars that may occur after breast reduction surgery first turn red, and in the following periods, they take on a magenta or pink colour. They completely fade in the first 6 months and 1 year after the operation. Most of the time, the scars after mastopexy surgery become indistinct.

The appearance of surgical scars is more difficult in people with dark skin. Due to today’s conditions, breast lift operation cannot be performed without scars. However, for people who are sensitive about surgical scars, getting information about this issue from their physicians before having this surgery allows them to know the problems they will encounter later.

Even if a temporary loss of sensation occurs after breast lift surgery, this is a temporary condition. In the following months following the operation, the breast and nipple return to their former sensitive form. Positioning the nipple in a different position may cause the loss of sensation to last a little longer in some patients. After regaining its former form, breast and nipple sensitivity will be regained.

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