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Porcelain Laminate Treatment

Individuals who act with aesthetic appearance concerns pay attention to the appearance of teeth. Individuals who want to achieve a beautiful tooth appearance can achieve their goals with porcelain laminate method. With this treatment method, which does not cause any abrasion on the teeth, you can have a snow-white smile.

What is Porcelain Laminate?

The subject of what is porcelain laminate is being researched by many different people compared to the past years. Individuals who prefer this treatment method to create a beautiful image want to learn the details of porcelain laminate and what it is. This process is based on the principle of thinning the solid tooth tissue applied to the front teeth and attaching the porcelain crown.

Porcelain laminate treatment is applied for many different purposes. The main purpose of this treatment method is to emphasise the natural beauty of the tooth. Individuals who emphasise the natural beauty of the teeth can find the opportunity to spend more quality time in daily life. In addition, ensuring the preservation of the tooth structure is one of the aims of laminate treatment.

Although the application area of porcelain laminate is wide, some individuals are not suitable for this treatment. Dentists recommend alternative treatment methods for individuals with severely decayed teeth. Because the teeth of these people do not have the appropriate hardness for porcelain treatment. In addition, individuals with habits such as teeth grinding and nail biting are not considered suitable for this treatment.

Because habits such as teeth grinding and nail biting can damage porcelain. Individuals should not have laminate treatment without overcoming these habits. Otherwise, the expected effect of the laminate process cannot be seen.

Some people question whether the laminate has fallen or not. The materials used as laminate are resistant to abrasion. Since it is resistant to abrasion, problems such as falling and staining are not observed.

In Which Cases Porcelain Laminate is Applied?

Laminated veneers can be applied for many different situations.

Many people, regardless of men and women, can turn to laminated veneer in the following situations:

  • In teeth that present a bad appearance as a result of its structural form
  • In the joining of separated teeth
  • In the fixing of broken and unusable teeth
  • Individuals who do not want to smile as a result of crooked teeth
  • To make discoloured teeth snow-white

Porcelain laminated veneers can be applied to patients of all ages without any problems. However, the same treatment methods are not performed for everyone. It is very important to apply the method suitable for the person’s expectations and needs.

Lamina porcelain veneers can be mixed with zirconium and Emax veneers. However, there are many differences between this method and zirconium-Emax. Since it is applied more easily than other methods, patients do not need to be afraid.

Porcelain Laminate Prices

Along with the subject of how porcelain laminate is performed, the subject of how much the laminate prices are is being researched. Although laminate procedures involve standard processes, laminate prices vary from province to province. Prices in metropolitan cities and prices in smaller cities may vary.

Porcelain laminate prices vary depending on the examination process. The specialist dentist cannot say anything clear about the price without completing the examination process. During the examination process, the state of oral health, the treatment method, the number of laminates and whether extra procedures are needed are examined. Since the specified details vary from individual to individual, the price may also vary.

Lamina dental veneer prices have different prices according to years. The Turkish Dental Association publishes an average price. These average prices are base prices. Since there are base prices, different prices may be encountered depending on the clinic. To find out the exact price, it is necessary to contact the clinic and make an appointment with the specialist dentist. Otherwise, information learnt over the internet may cause misinformation.

Dental laminated veneer prices also vary from dentist to dentist. Dentists who are experts in their field and have a high level of professional experience use recommended and 1st quality materials. Since quality and recommended materials are used, the price in these clinics may be slightly higher. In addition, individuals who prefer dentists with limited professional experience may encounter lower prices. Because these dentists may prefer to use porcelains known as 2nd quality.

What are the Porcelain Laminate Advantages?

Those who have porcelain laminate can have many different advantages. The first of these advantages is that it improves quality of life. Individuals who have laminate can have a more enjoyable time in business and education life. In addition, the fact that it cannot be distinguished from real teeth is counted among the important advantages offered by this treatment method.

With the abrasion of the teeth, problems such as not being able to eat comfortably or laugh comfortably can be encountered in daily life. However, laminate treatment also eliminates these situations. Since it eliminates the problem of tooth abrasion and offers a comfortable smile, the number of people who turn to this treatment is increasing very rapidly.

People who want to have porcelain laminate veneers can have teeth with a smooth structure. Teeth with a smooth structure help both men and women look more attractive. In addition, laminate procedure can be applied to many different teeth. Laminate application can be applied to all front teeth, regardless of single or double. Thanks to this procedure, which has a very high fracture resistance, it is possible to have strong and durable teeth.

In order to see the expected effect of the laminate application, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the patient has some features. The first of these features is a jaw disorder. More advanced treatment methods are applied in individuals with jaw disorders.

However, individuals with gingival recession are also not suitable for porcelain laminate. Individuals with gingival recession disease are subjected to extra treatment methods. Laminate application is not started before extra treatment methods are applied.

Is Porcelain Laminate Permanent?

Porcelain laminate veneer life can be increased up to 15-20 years. 15-20 years is considered to be a very good period in the field of dental treatment. However, in order to reach this period of 15-20 years, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of the specialist dentist and to keep the teeth clean.

Otherwise, the laminate life will be shorter. In addition, the formation of gingival recession and inflammation also negatively affects porcelain health. Inflammations can cause different problems because they will damage the porcelain tooth.

One of the important factors affecting the life of porcelain laminate is the attitude of the dentist. Dentists can use the same laminate for a longer period of time if they use quality materials and perform careful procedures during the procedure.

In addition, laminated veneer coating in a hygienic environment also directly affects the duration. If laminated veneer is applied in a hygienic environment, the same veneer can be used for many years.

Oral hygiene is among the factors affecting the duration of porcelain veneers. Individuals who pay attention to oral hygiene and brush their teeth at regular intervals can use the same veneer for a long time. However, food residues can get between the teeth of individuals who do not take care of the porcelain veneer and do not brush it at regular intervals.

Food residues can remain between the porcelain and cause tooth decay. Tooth decay is an important detail that causes the life of the porcelain veneer to decrease. In order to make the porcelain laminate permanent, protective plaques can be used. Porcelain teeth are not damaged thanks to protective plaques.

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