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DHI Hair Transplant Process

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Hair loss can occur due to second environmental factors such as care and nutrition, as well as due to various health problems such as alopecia areata and hormone irregularities. The testosterone hormone in men has many effects on hair follicles and in this case, as a result of the decrease in testosterone hormone due to aging, it leads to an increase in hair loss.Various different treatment methods have been developed for the solution of this problem, which can affect individuals of almost all ages, and the only way to prevent permanent hair loss called baldness is possible with hair transplantation.Since the first hair transplantation was performed in 1939, many various applications have been tried and application standards have been developed. Thus, it became possible to treat permanent hair loss in the long term.Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and direct hair implantation hair transplantation DHI method, which are developed and widely used with today’s technology, provide excellent visible results when applied correctly by clinicians who are experts in their field.DHI hair transplantation, which stands out among the hair transplantation methods, has become one of the most preferred hair transplantation methods in recent years.Among the hair transplantation methods, hair transplantation with DHI method is performed by a medical pen named choi. This pen allows the hair transplantation phase to proceed directly after the hair follicle is extracted.

How is DHI Hair Transplantation Performed?

DHI hair transplantation method, known as direct hair implantation, is considered to be one of the most advantageous methods since it can be completed in a single session and a large number of hair transplants can be performed with the shortness of the healing process.With this method, which aims to close the non-hair areas by intensifying the non-hair areas without damaging the healthy roots and scalp, it is performed as a procedure with a very frequent hair transplantation and natural appearance. Before the procedure, detailed information is given by clinicians to people who come to hair transplantation in response to the questions of what is DHI hair transplantation.The hair follicles are examined in detail with a device that provides high-resolution images and all the characteristics of the person’s hair health, hair type, existing hair frequency and hair loss severity are determined. Afterwards, the most suitable hair transplantation is designed for the person and the first procedure is started immediately after local anaesthesia is applied.In the DHI hair transplantation method, hair follicles taken from the nape of the person are generally preferred and used. The micromotor device, which is one of the highly advanced technological devices, helps to remove healthy hair follicles in the nape of the person. The hair follicles extracted from this area are placed in a special solution and it is aimed to maintain the health of each hair follicle here.After the removal of hair follicles from the donor nape root is completed, local anaesthesia is applied to the area where hair transplantation will be performed and the transplantation process is started.Immediately before starting DHI, the hair transplant design to be applied to the person should be analysed very well. Thus, the directions in which new hair follicles will grow are determined and hair transplantation is designed accordingly.In the DHI method, where there is no obligation to open a channel in the balding area before hair transplantation, the number of sessions is low and there is no tissue damage that appears as a wound after the procedure. In this way, it is an inevitable fact that those who are afraid of surgical procedures will easily warm up to this treatment method.

How Long Does DHI Hair Transplantation Take?

In this technique, DHI Pro hair transplantation operation varies between 10 to 12 hours on average, although it is known that prices vary depending on the number of hair follicles to be transplanted. During some operations, it should be taken into consideration that there will be prolonged periods due to the progress with more than one technique.Thanks to the results of DHI hair transplantation, which is one of the methods with many advantages in many respects, it is possible to achieve strong and healthy hair as well as natural looking hair and to completely eliminate the problem of hair loss.

What are the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

The advantages of DHI hair transplantation stated by experts, in addition to being permanent for life, are as follows;
  • After the operation, you can return to daily life with a completely rapid healing.
  • Local anaesthesia is preferred instead of general anaesthesia.
  • Long-term pain is not felt after the operation.
  • As the incision area may be smaller, the risk of bleeding is minimised.
  • No channelling is applied in any part of the hair.
  • The survival rate of hair follicles is quite high.
  • In this technique, unshaven hair transplantation is simpler.
  • The transplantation method to be performed with DHI is a completely risk-free method.
  • Since the hair follicles are transplanted right next to each other, lush and vibrant hair is obtained.
The DHI hair transplantation method, whose advantages are lifelong permanent, is one of the hair transplantation techniques that are likely to make people extremely happy. Since DHI hair transplantation applications have a minimally invasive procedure, it is extremely important that the application is performed in a sterile environment and by a clinician.While infections occur in the hair follicle after hair transplantation procedures that will be performed in an unsuitable and non-sterile environment, it can cause serious complications that will affect both the hair and the health of the patient. Therefore, the clinic and the environment where the hair transplantation will be performed should be investigated extremely well. The absence of holes, incisions and stitches will be a more relaxing process for those who are afraid of these procedures.

Process After DHI Hair Transplantation

The more informed all patients are about DHI hair transplantation healing time, the faster the healing process progresses.After hair transplantation, the process proceeds as follows;
  • For 10 days after the transplant, the patient must fully comply with the washing instructions set by the clinician.
  • Beret, scarf and hat derivatives recommended by the clinician should be used
  • Since the first weeks are the most critical periods, excessive physical contact with the hair area should be avoided during this period.
  • When drying the hair, no pressure should be applied on the hair and skin with a towel
  • The body should be given plenty of rest and the pillow should not touch the transplanted areas during lying down.
  • When pain is felt, only painkillers deemed appropriate by the clinician should be taken
  • If serum and cream treatments are to be applied to the hair, approval should be obtained from the clinician
It is possible to have a painless and trouble-free process if the steps to be applied after the DHI hair transplantation process are followed. Generally, the healing process in patients does not take a very long time, although it varies from person to person.While the photos before and after the DHI hair transplantation performed by the clinician affect the people by changing them considerably, the haired states of the people who see themselves without hair for a long time may also look different for a while. While the healing process is completely completed within two weeks, it should not be forgotten that pain and stinging may occur in the hair follicle.

How Many Days Does DHI Hair Transplantation Heal?

Generally, the process after DHI hair transplantation results in a very rapid healing. Although changes such as crusting, shedding, aches and pains occur shortly after the operation, new hair begins to appear immediately at the end of the process.Immediately after hair transplantation, the patient can return to his/her old life and daily work. Following the advice of the clinician will help the hair follicles to heal well and the person’s hair to return to normal as soon as possible.The hair appearance that the patient dreams of is only possible when the results of DHI hair transplantation are applied correctly and the physician’s directives are followed without any problems, creating a solid combination. While it takes an average of one year for the new hair to grow completely, returning to daily life and improving daily activities after hair transplantation depends on the person himself/herself.

DHI Hair Transplantation Pricing

For these DHI hair transplantation prices, which vary completely from person to person, the patient should be examined in detail by the clinician, the size of the area where the procedure will be performed and the number of grafts to be performed in hair transplantation are also important factors affecting the prices. After the area to be transplanted is evaluated in the clinic, the person is informed about the pricing and options are offered.As a result of the detailed scans carried out by the clinician, the options that may be suitable for the people who have been examined in line with the mutual discussions and requests are evaluated.This hair transplantation application, which is among the aesthetic applications, is among the operations in which the prices change with the use of technological tools and the applications affect the prices.Patients for whom session applications are deemed appropriate are subject to pricing based on the session, while the prices determined for a more limited area in a single session are lower than other options.

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