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Prominent Ear Aesthetics

The interventions performed on the ear to correct the prominent ear appearance for many reasons and to make it more aesthetic are called prominent ear surgery. Contrary to popular belief, prominent ear surgery is considered as an easy operation that does not have a vital risk.Of course, at this point, it is very important for patients to act as recommended by their doctors after surgery. Research can also be done on the internet for prominent ear aesthetic prices. Prominent ear problems manifest themselves from childhood. Prominent ear problems can be caused by genetic factors as well as other causes.This problem leads to exclusion and ridicule in the social environment from childhood onwards. This leads to loss of self-confidence, withdrawal, lack of socialisation and consequently communication problems.Therefore, this problem brings many problems. Therefore, this problem should be solved before the child encounters such problems. For this reason, it is recommended to get rid of this problem before the child’s psychology deteriorates. The change in the ears before and after prominent ear surgery is reflected on the whole face of the person.Prominent ear problems in adults also cause many problems. It causes situations such as covering the hair over the ears, not being able to collect the hair, constantly wearing bands. The person perceives this as a visual problem.Therefore, they resort to various ways to cover this image, in other words, to hide it. Of course, it is also very difficult for adults. It negatively affects the quality of life. In this case, prominent ear aesthetics is needed.Before the operation, the doctor examines and evaluates the patient. Based on this evaluation, the surgical technique is decided. The patient’s history is taken. At this point, patients should give accurate information to their doctors. The patient should convey his/her expectations from the surgery to the doctor. The doctor tells the patient about the operation process and the healing process. Informs the patient for every detail.After prominent ear aesthetics, the patient wears an ear band. The band is worn as long as the doctor recommends and specifies. From the first control, the controls are visited on the dates requested by the doctor. It is normal to have redness in the ears after the band is removed.These rashes disappear spontaneously in a short time. The doctor’s permission is required for bathing. However, after surgery, patients should not get a hit on the operated area. If attention is paid to the things to be considered after prominent ear surgery, the healing process progresses rapidly without any problems after surgery.There is no angulation in the ears after prominent ear surgery. In other words, the patient’s ear does not return to its old position. If the patient follows the recommendations after the operation, there will be no problems or disruptions and the ear will not return to its old position.There are many details about pain and suffering in ear operations. Since there is local or general anaesthesia during the operation, the patient does not feel anything. In other words, the patient does not feel any pain or ache. The mild pain felt after the operation lasts approximately 2 days.These pains are extremely normal and natural pains. These pains are relieved by using the painkillers prescribed by the doctor at the recommended doses. For the answer to the question of what is otoplasty, the subject should be discussed in detail. It is possible to find an answer to the question of how many days prominent ear surgery heals from the article. It is also possible to get information about the price of prominent ear surgery.

How is Prominent Ear Aesthetics Performed?

The details of how ear surgery is performed are important. Prominent ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is an operation performed to resize the ear, eliminate the disproportion in the ears and correct the auricle. The areas of the ear that need to be corrected are marked.If necessary, thinning is performed in some parts. If there is excess cartilage or soft tissue in the area, this can be removed. Of course, all these are performed when necessary. The specialist doctor continues the operation by deciding according to the condition of the ear. The ear is pulled backwards with small incisions made behind the ear.The ear is given a natural position and stitches are applied. The operation is completed by bandaging the stitches. The bandages remain in the area until the day determined by the doctor. The bandages apply pressure on the reshaped auricle. In this way, the procedure is completed by dressing.Prominent ear surgery with thread is performed using local anaesthesia. The doctor places a special thread under the ear skin with a needle. With the help of this thread, the ear is pulled backwards. The desired position is given to the ear. After this procedure, the ear is fixed and the procedure is completed. Prominent ear surgeries performed with a thread are completed in maximum 30 minutes.In other words, it takes place in a much shorter time compared to the classical method. Since it is an extremely easy intervention, the patient returns to his/her routine life much faster. When performed by specialist doctors, this intervention with thread does not cause any problems. Since there are no incisions and stitches in this intervention, the patient’s healing process is much faster. Prominent ear aesthetics with thread provides many advantages.
  • First of all, it is a very practical process.
  • It is applied in a very short time. The healing process is quite fast.
  • Since it is not a surgical intervention, it does not carry risks. In other words, since no cuts are applied in practice, it does not carry any risk.
  • There is no bleeding.
  • After the procedure, the person returns to work life and continues his/her routine.
  • When the intervention is finished, the patient can immediately check the ear and look at its symmetry.
  • It is a frequently preferred method due to these advantages.
It is performed under local or general anaesthesia. After prominent ear surgery performed under local anaesthesia, the patient is discharged on the same day. In case of general anaesthesia, the patient is discharged the day after the operation. If the prominent ear surgery is performed on a child, the patient remains in hospital for one day. Whether the operation is performed under local or general anaesthesia depends on certain conditions. The patient may not accept the operation under local anaesthesia.Some patients do not like local anaesthesia because they panic in such cases. In this case, general anaesthesia is used. Another situation occurs in paediatric patients. In local anaesthesia, the patient should not move during the intervention. Since this is not possible in pediatric patients, general anaesthesia is applied to children.In prominent ear aesthetics performed with the classical method, stitches are made to close the incisions. Since the stitches will remain behind the ear, it is not possible to see the stitches. Special threads called melting threads are used for stitches. Therefore, these threads used in suturing dissolve spontaneously within a week. However, in operations performed with a thread, no stitches are required because the application is performed completely with the help of a special thread.

Who Should Have Prominent Ear Aesthetics?

Prominent ear aesthetics is applied to people who are not satisfied with the appearance of the ear, in cases of abnormalities in the size of the ear, and those who have prominent ear problems. Prominent ear surgery is applied to achieve an aesthetic appearance of the ears. Therefore, anyone who has visual problems with their ears can have this surgery.The question at what age is prominent ear surgery performed should also be answered. The operation is applied for individuals of all ages. It is much more advantageous to perform this operation at an early age. From 4-5 years of age, cartilage development is completed.Therefore, this operation can be performed at this age. On the other hand, it is possible to perform prominent ear surgery from the age of one. It is much more advantageous to perform prominent ear aesthetics at an early age. The child does not experience the consequences of this problem. The healing process is much faster.

Prominent Ear Surgery Prices

Ear aesthetic prices vary according to the clinic where the operation will be performed. However, the condition of the deformities in the patient’s ear is also effective on the prices. Therefore, the clearest price for prominent ear aesthetics can be obtained after examination. In general, prominent otoplasty prices start from 4500 TRY.At this point, it should be emphasised that the right clinics should be selected. Prominent ear surgeries require expertise. It is of great importance that this surgery is performed by a specialist doctor in an equipped clinic. For this reason, extensive research should be done on clinics and reliable clinics should be consulted. Information is obtained from clinics for the average price of prominent ear surgery.

Prominent Ear Surgery Process

There are many details about the process for the operation. Firstly, the patients are examined. After the examination, the day is determined for the operation. The patient comes to the clinic on the day of the operation by preparing as recommended by the doctor and in line with the doctor’s recommendations. The patient is prepared for the operation.In otoplasty, the patient is given local anaesthesia. In other words, the ear area is completely numbed. The question of how many hours prominent ear surgery takes is also very important. This operation takes one or two hours.After the operation, patients should pay attention to the operated area and should not touch that area. Because this area maintains its sensitivity for a certain period of time. Therefore, it is important to protect the area. Prominent ear surgery healing process is fast and easy.

At What Age Is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

As mentioned above, prominent ear surgery can be performed at the age of 4-5 years. This operation can be performed from the age of one in thread interventions. From this age, this operation can be performed at any age. For example, a 30-year-old individual can also have otoplasty surgery, and a 50-year-old individual can also benefit from this aesthetic operation.

When Does Swelling Go Down After Prominent Ear Surgery?

After the surgery, patients often ask the question of when the swelling goes down after prominent ear surgery. Certain swelling occurs after ear aesthetics. These are extremely natural and normal. These swellings go down within two weeks after the operation. Some patients experience very mild swelling. Those with sensitive skin may experience slightly more swelling.

How Many Days Does Prominent Ear Surgery Heal?

It is possible to give a clear answer to patients about how many days prominent ear surgery heals. After prominent ear surgery, patients can take a shower after a day or two. At the end of a week at the latest, the patient returns to routine life and business life.The doctor’s recommendations must be followed after the operation to ensure a successful healing. The healing process of every person is not the same. While some people heal in a much shorter time, some people return to normal in a week or two.

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