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Low and sagging eyebrows, which are one of the important parts of the face, constitute the disorders seen over time. These disorders, which occur due to aging and health problems, cause the eyebrows to look unattractive.For this reason, people who are uncomfortable with their eyebrows need eyebrow lifting. These applications are performed in two ways, with and without surgery. Thanks to the application, the eyebrows regain their former appearance. Apart from that, it helps to achieve the new eyebrow look.

How Is Eyebrow Lift Surgery Performed?

Sagging eyebrows put pressure on the eyelids and cause difficulty in eyesight. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of sagging in a short time. Eyebrow lift surgery is used to remove sagging eyebrows. Eyebrow lifting with the use of the surgical method takes place in two ways.These are;The classical method: The classical method is medically known as temporal lift surgery. The reason why the method has this name is that the skin close to the temples of people with low eyebrows is cut.The skin with hair is removed by cutting it in the shape of a crown with an average thickness of 2 cm. After suturing the removed area, the area is lifted. Due to the classical eyebrow lift procedure performed using general anaesthesia, scars remain on the temporal part. In addition, it is inevitable that the lifted area loses its elasticity over time.Endoscopic method: The second surgical method for eyebrow lift is endoscopic eyebrow lift. It is the use of a device called an endoscope in the operation that gives the procedure its name. In order to perform the operation, small holes are opened on the scalp and the tissue is accessed.After reaching the tissue, the endoscope device with camera is sent inside and the eyebrows are pulled upwards and lifted. Eyebrows drawn upwards get rid of sagging. This procedure, which is performed using general anaesthesia and local anaesthesia, prevents the formation of scars as it is performed by opening tiny holes.A permanent shape is given to the eyebrows with surgeries. In this way, people are permanently distracted from their troubles. Today, the endoscopic method is more preferred than the classical method.

How Long Does Eye Brow Lift Surgery Last?

Eyebrow surgeries performed by plastic surgeons using local and general anaesthesia take 1-2 hours. After the operation, the patient is discharged within 1-2 hours if the patient’s health condition is good and no complications develop. After this stage, the rest and care process begins.

What are Eyebrow Lifting Techniques?

It is not necessary to prefer surgery to remove sagging eyebrows. There are non-surgical techniques that can be used to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance of the eyebrows. The use of these techniques helps to heal in a short time and achieve the desired high eyebrows.The techniques and details that can be used for eyebrow lifting are as follows;Botox procedure: The first non-surgical application is botox eyebrow lift. Botulinum Toxin is used for this application. This substance, known as Botox, is applied to the eyebrows and the eyebrows are shaped at the desired height.The procedure is performed by aesthetic surgery and dermatology specialist using the appropriate dose of botox within 5-10 minutes. The validity period of the eyebrow lift performed with this application, which does not cause any scar on the eyebrow, is in the range of 3-5 months.Filling procedure: Non-surgical filling application is used to eliminate sagging in the eyebrows. Fillers in hyaluronic acid and its derivatives are applied to the lower part of the eyebrows and the eyebrows are raised upwards. Thanks to the filling used, the eyebrow becomes less saggy.In addition, these materials are also used to eliminate the deficiencies in the eyebrows, helping to achieve a beautiful eyebrow appearance. The application time of eyebrow lift with filling is 5 minutes and this procedure has a permanence of up to 1 year.Focus ultrasound procedure: Focus ultrasound is one of the non-surgical eyebrow lift applications. Focused ultrasound is performed using a HIFU device with ultrasound energy. This device sends ultrasound energy to the eyebrow area and provides tightening of the eyebrow area.Thus, it eliminates the sagging condition caused by aging and other reasons. Depending on the condition of the eyebrows, the application time varies between 10 minutes and 1 hour. The duration of permanence is between 3 months-1 year. This application is also called ultherapy.Golden needle procedure: The last of the non-surgical eyebrow lift applications is the golden needle application. Radiofrequency energy is used to realise this application, which is also called functional radiofrequency.The device that gives this energy is applied to the eyebrows with sagging. The tissues heated by the effect of radiofrequency begin to tighten and achieve the desired lifted appearance. The duration of gold needle application is between 1-3 hours. People who prefer this application have lifted and smooth eyebrows for up to 1 year.Herbal treatments: It is also possible to use olive oil, lavender and aloe vera plants for eyebrow lifting. These herbal oils can be applied on drooping eyebrows to help them tighten and look lifted. However, these oils provide temporary lifting.Procedures such as eyebrow lift botox, filling and gold needle are preferred according to the person. However, the right method must be chosen for precise results. Due to incorrect methods and unhealthy applications, it is possible to deteriorate the eyebrow structure and bigger problems may occur.

Eyebrow Lifting Method with Strap

Among the second applications that can be used for non-surgical eyebrow lifting, hanger practice is also encountered. In this application, also known as thread suspension, a tiny hole is opened over the hairline and micro devices intervene in the eyebrows through that hole.The eyebrows are suspended towards the skull using these devices. Thus, it is possible to have the desired high-looking and non-sagging eyebrows. The validity period of this scarless method is minimum 6 months and maximum 2 years.

Eyebrow Lift Prices

It is easy for people who complain of sagging, drooping and deformity in their eyebrows to get rid of their problems by undergoing surgery through plastic surgeons. The price of eyebrow lift surgery varies depending on the patient.The technique and needs of the patient help determine the price. Therefore, price information is usually not given. After the preliminary examination of the patient, the necessary information about the method and price is given.

Eyebrow Lift Process

People who are uncomfortable with their eyebrows should be informed about the process that works before and after endoscopic, filling, thread suspension and botox eyebrow lift. Before non-surgical eyebrow sagging lifting methods, people should be decisive against side effects and negative situations.Non-surgical methods are easy to apply and short-term methods. For this reason, the healing process is usually not needed and people can return to their lives after the procedure. Redness and pain sensation in the application area completely disappears within 1-2 days.In surgical eyebrow sagging lifting methods, the healing process is longer. In the classical method, there is a wound because there is an incision. The wound is covered and dressed for an average of 1 week.In addition, the bandage is removed at the end of 1 week and the stitches are removed. After the stitches are removed, bruising is seen on the forehead and eyebrows. Bruising and swelling disappear 1 week after the stitches are removed.

Is There an Age Limit for Eyebrow Lift Operation?

There is no age limit for eyebrow sagging lift operations. However, since sagging is experienced due to aging, these applications are generally requested by people over the age of 25-35. Apart from the age of the person, being suitable for surgical or non-surgical applications enables the operations to be performed.

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