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Eyebrow Transplant Process

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Eyebrows around the eyes are integral parts of people’s faces. It is possible for the eyebrows, which have a curved structure and consist of hairs, to deteriorate for various reasons. This deterioration usually occurs in the form of hair loss in the eyebrows. The way to eliminate eyebrow loss is through eyebrow transplantation.

How Is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed?

Those who are uncomfortable with the loss and deformities in their eyebrows prefer to have the procedure done by researching the question of how eyebrow transplantation is performed. The stage of eyebrow transplantation is similar to hair transplantation. For this reason, it is possible for people who are experienced in hair transplantation to have the procedure without any hesitation.

Eyebrow transplant operation is performed by doctors in the clinic. In order to perform the transplantation, the patient is first examined. At this time, the degree of need for transplantation for eyebrows, the method and the place of transplantation are determined. In addition, a study is performed to determine the arrangement of the eyebrows in patients with eyebrow hair loss.

After the natural eyebrow transplantation procedure is decided, the patient is given local anaesthesia. Hair follicles are taken from the transplantation area determined during the examination. This area is usually the nape of the neck. The appropriate number of hair follicle grafts are taken from the area. The grafts are placed in the eyebrow area at the correct angle. In this way, the transplantation process is completed thoroughly.

What is Eyebrow Transplant?

Irregular nutrition, hormonal disorders, genetic problems, diseases and incorrect make-up applications cause eyebrows to shed. It is also common to be completely eyebrowless for these reasons. Eyebrow transplantation is called eyebrow transplant for people with structural disorders and loss of eyebrows.

FUE transplantation technique is used for eyebrow transplantation. In this technique, which is accepted as one of the aesthetic applications, the hair follicles taken from the person are transferred to the eyebrow area. After the procedure, it is ensured that the eyebrows of female or male individuals regain their former voluminous and hairy state.

What are Eyebrow Transplant Techniques?

Eyebrow transplantation techniques should be used for a definitive solution to eyebrow loss that individuals of all ages may encounter. With the right technique, it is possible to have eyebrows that will create satisfaction on faces. There are 3 different eyebrow transplantation techniques that can be used for eyebrow loss.

These are;

  • FUT technique: In this technique used for eyebrows, hair follicles are removed by making an incision on the neck of the person. The hair follicles are brought to the appropriate size for the eyebrows. The prepared hair follicles are transplanted by puncturing the eyebrow area. The transplantation direction of the hairs is preferred to be upright. In case of using this method, the formation of cuts on the skin and the eyebrows growing in the vertical direction due to the direction of transplantation caused discomfort in people. Accordingly, the technique has been moved away from.
  • FUE technique: The second transplantation technique applied to the eyebrows is the FUE technique. Using Micropunch, hair follicles for transplantation from the nape of the neck are extracted individually. The hair follicles are separated in order to be suitable for the eyebrow structure. Before the hair follicles are placed, it is ensured that the transplantation channels are opened in the skin. Micro-needles are used for this. After the channels are opened, the roots are transplanted into the channels using the FUE pen. The transplantation degree of the hairs is 20-25 degrees. For this reason, it provides a natural eyebrow appearance as it does not grow upright.
  • FIT technique:The last transplantation technique used for eyebrows is the FIT technique. In order to perform this technique, an incision is made behind the nape or ear and the hair follicle is removed. The transplantation of the hair follicles is performed individually. This technique has the problem of angling, and due to this problem, it may not be possible for people to achieve the desired appearance of eyebrows. For this reason, it is one of the techniques that are nowadays distanced.

Among the 3 different eyebrow transplantation techniques applied in transplantation clinics, the FUE technique has been chosen the most in recent years. The main reasons why this technique is preferred is that it is performed with the latest technology devices and does not cause cuts on the skin. Apart from this, giving a suitable angle for the eyebrows thanks to FUE helps the technique to be used more by those who have eyebrow transplantation and to be ahead of other techniques.

Eyebrow Transplant Prices

Eyebrow transplantation is possible for every individual who has aesthetic concerns due to shedding. Those who want to get rid of the problems of eyebrowlessness and gain a beautiful appearance can get the procedure done within a few hours by learning the eyebrow transplant prices.

Average prices of eyebrow transplantation vary around 10000-25000 TRY. The reason for the change is the width of the application area and the number of grafts to be used. For this, people should have a preliminary examination and learn the price determined for the procedure suitable for their needs.

Eyebrow Transplant Process

How long does eyebrow transplantation using local anaesthesia lasts? The technique to be used is effective in the duration of the procedure. However, since FUE is a widely used technique today, the completion time of eyebrow transplantation with fue is between 1-3 hours. This period includes hair follicle removal, channel opening and placement of hair follicles. Since the hair follicles are placed one by one, it is possible to prolong the duration of the procedure depending on the number of hair follicles to be extracted.

Process After Eyebrow Transplant

The healing process of eyebrow transplantation performed by using the latest technology is very short. People who prefer the procedure heal completely after 3-5 days.

In order for the healing process to go smoothly, male and female patients must strictly follow the instructions given to them in the clinic. Improper washing, contact and other situations may cause the eyebrow transplantation to fail.

After the application made by paying eyebrow eyelash transplantation prices, eyebrows begin to shed within 2 weeks. This shedding is a temporary shedding that occurs due to the effect of transplantation and lasts for 3 months. When 3 months have passed since the transplantation, new eyebrows begin to form. At the end of approximately 8 months, people get completely new eyebrows.

Importants Points to Consider After Eyebrow Transplant

Although clinic and expert recommendations vary slightly, it is possible to specify what to pay attention to before and after eyebrow transplantation. In this way, it is prevented that people who are not given suggestions or who cannot follow the suggestions are deprived of achieving the eyebrow appearance they want after the procedure.

Conditions that patients should pay attention to eyebrow transplantation;

  • The first condition for people who choose eyebrow transplantation is that they trust the clinic and the transplantation centre.
  • They should make sure that a specialist physician performs eyebrow transplantation.
  • They should make sure that eyebrow transplantation is performed in a sterile environment and with sterile devices.
  • Care after eyebrow transplantation starts with the dressing stage. Dressing must be done correctly and completely. In this way, it provides relief from any irritation and damage.
  • Do not take a bath for 2 days after the eyebrows are transplanted.
  • If a bath is to be taken at the end of two days, care should be taken to ensure that the water is not pressurised and the eyebrows are not irritated.
  • Eyebrows should never be scratched in the first week.
  • It is inevitable to have crusts on the treated area. The peels should never be lifted by hand.
  • People should stay away from sunlight for 15 days.

Apart from these, the care products given by the specialist who performs the transplantation should be used completely and rapid healing should be ensured. If other medication is prescribed, it should be used until it is finished.

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