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People can see that their facial shapes deteriorate as they get older or due to the environment and health problems they experience. Those who want to eliminate the signs of aging prefer to benefit from facial aesthetic applications. Shaping procedures to be performed on different parts of the face will provide a more natural appearance of the face.

Developing technologies in the field of health can enable aesthetic operations to be performed more easily and permanently. Anyone over 18 years of age, men and women, can have aesthetic operations for some parts of the facial area.

In women and men, after the age of 40, age-related deformations and sagging in the facial areas begin to be seen. Deformations that occur on the skin due to aging or different health problems can be eliminated with facial aesthetic surgeries.

The occurrence of skin deformation in the facial area can be caused by smoking and alcohol use, irregular nutrition, excessive exposure to sunlight, not paying attention to facial cleansing, excessive stress and insufficient water consumption.
After these negativities, lines and sagging begin to appear on the skin. Those who benefit from aesthetic operations can eliminate deformation and have a firmer skin and achieve a younger appearance.

What is Facial Aesthetics?

In recent years, especially in the art world, news that many people have facial aesthetics is frequently encountered. Those who want to eliminate the signs of aging can have information about how it is done and prices by doing research on what facial aesthetics is. için ayrıntılı bilgiye yazının devamından ulaşabilirsiniz.

Facial aesthetics is one of the sub-branches of plastic surgery and provides general or local shaping procedures for all visible areas of the face. These are the procedures performed according to the person’s request and can be performed with or without surgery depending on the situation.

The desired shapes are tried to be given with different methods such as round face aesthetics or oval face aesthetics. Face shaping operations can be performed on the whole face or only on certain areas.

Surgical operations are performed on three main sections and these sections are as follows:

  • Mouth and jaw,
  • Forehead and eye area,
  • Cheeks and nose,

Patients may request the necessary interventions according to their discomfort with their facial appearance. In the shaping procedures to be performed, the integrity of the face is taken into consideration and a harmonious appearance is tried to be created.

The specialist physician makes the necessary analyses in line with the patient’s request and explains the possible procedures to the patient. It is an aesthetic study defined as the elimination of sagging, wrinkles or deformities occurring in the facial areas by surgical intervention. Patients may need these operations in order to have a younger and fresh appearance.

face aesthetics surgery

How is Facial Aesthetics Performed?

The development of medicine enables facial and body aesthetic operations to be performed more easily with non-surgical methods. Facial aesthetic surgery is performed with different methods and it is ensured that there is no scar in the treated area. Non-surgical applications allow patients to regain their health in a short time and return to their daily lives. Non-surgical aesthetic methods are preferred to avoid scarring.

In the face area, lifting surgeries are usually performed and the procedures performed are as follows:

  • Plastic surgeon control,
  • Complaints and expectations of the patient,
  • General health status tests,
  • Facial skin texture, amount of lubrication, bone structure, sagging status determinations,
  • Discontinuation of medication at least one week before the operation,
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and herbal tea in the last 1 week before the operation,

After these stages, plastic surgery begins to perform aesthetic works in the desired area of the face. Facial aesthetics surgery is performed under anaesthesia and the patient does not feel pain. Types of facial aesthetics ensure that the work is done according to the area that causes discomfort.

Aesthetic applications that can be done to have the desired face shape are as follows:

  • Bichectomy (cheek aesthetics),
  • Rhinoplasty,
  • Nose tip aesthetics,
  • Eyelid aesthetics,
  • Nano fat graft,
  • Prominent ear surgery,
  • Facelift surgery,

The application method and problem source of each of them are different. In general, problems such as advancing age, unhealthy living conditions, genetic structure and excessive weight loss cause sagging and wrinkles in certain parts of the face. These problems are eliminated in a short time with aesthetic surgeries.

How Long Does Facial Aesthetics Last?

The procedure times of aesthetic surgeries, which are called face shaping, can vary completely according to the patient’s problems. For oval face aesthetics, the works to be performed in areas such as chin and cheek are performed under anaesthesia. Plastic surgery operations can usually take 2-3 hours under anaesthesia. Healing times may also vary according to the general health status of the patient and the width of the operation area.

The healing period in facial aesthetics can be determined as 1 week on average. The patient can be discharged one day after the surgical operation and can start to return to daily life after a week. Since the duration of the facial aesthetics surgery varies according to the rate of skin tissue deformation, the duration of the procedure is determined by preliminary examination.

The works to be performed locally for symmetrical facial aesthetics allow patients to heal in a shorter time. After the operations performed on the entire face, the skin is followed for an average of 4 to 6 months for the skin to fit the facial structure. Thanks to advanced technologies, patients may not need a second operation at the end of facial aesthetic operations that can be performed without scars.

Due to the general health status and skin structure of some patients, surgical operation may be needed again after 7 – 15 years. After the surgery, the oedema and bruises in the facial area heal within 2 – 3 weeks depending on the age of the patient and the desired facial shape begins to show itself.

Who Can Have Facial Aesthetics?

There is no age limit for aesthetic applications to be performed on the face and certain parts of the body. In order to avoid medical problems, all facial aesthetics or specific area applications can be performed for those over the age of 18.

Sagging problems in the face area usually occur after the age of 40. Men and women who start to see sagging or skin deformation in the face area may request applications to be performed without an upper age limit. Aesthetic operations can be performed for all kinds of face shape and skin structure.

Long face aesthetics is one of the studies performed according to the face shape. Even if there is no skin deformation, patients may request some facial shaping studies in order to have a better appearance. Since this is an optional condition, patients are required to be over 18 years of age. Facial contouring operations can be performed for all patients who exceed the age limit and whose general health condition is suitable.

Which Areas Does Facial Aesthetics Include?

How is facial aesthetics performed and to which areas is it applied? You can easily find answers to these questions. It is one of the types of aesthetic operations performed in a very common way and all parts of the face can be performed separately. Applications involving all parts of the face or applications determined for certain regions are performed by plastic surgery specialists.

The following can be said for the application areas of facial contouring aesthetics:

  • Face and neck lift application,
  • Eyelid and eyebrow lift application,
  • Rhinoplasty,
  • Cheekbones and chin,
  • Ear aesthetics,
  • Lip aesthetics,

When these options are examined, it can be seen that separate applications are made to all parts of the face. It is requested by patients to correct the general health problem or to change the shape of the face.

Aesthetic surgeries performed on all parts of the face are also applied in different types. Surgeries performed to eliminate skin deformation such as facelift are divided into types such as mini facelift, medium facelift, full facelift surgery.

In the full type of surgery, the scalp edge, starting from the area in front of the ear, allows the skin lift procedure to be performed on the entire face. Excess skin is removed to eliminate sagging and the skin looks smoother and brighter. These applications eliminate the signs of aging.

Is Facial Aesthetics Permanent?

Facial beautification aesthetics can have a permanent effect when performed by plastic surgery physicians who are experts in their field. Permanence depends on the patient’s postoperative nutrition and living conditions. Depending on the patient’s age, bone structure, skin type and the method used for aesthetics, the duration of permanence may vary.

In general, patients can continue their lives without the need for a second aesthetic operation. However, some patients may need a new aesthetic operation again after 7 to 15 years due to general health problems and other external factors.

The methods developed for facial aesthetic applications increase the possibility of being permanent. Developing medical technology enables most aesthetic applications to be performed without surgery. In non-surgical aesthetic applications, there is no scar on the patient’s face and the healing time is faster. In aesthetic operations performed by regulating subcutaneous fat tissues, the patient’s nutritional conditions ensure that the procedures last longer. Operations such as rhinoplasty, prominent ear aesthetics and chin operations are permanent aesthetic applications. Skin lifting will show its effect for a long time, depending entirely on the patient’s attention to himself and his health after surgery.

The fact that aesthetic surgeries are permanent allows the patient to use the desired face shape for a lifetime. In order to increase the aesthetics of the skin structure, attention should be paid to all the necessary issues. Inadequate water consumption in daily life and too much exposure to sunlight will cause deterioration of the skin structure. These conditions will shorten the permanence period of the aesthetic applications.

How Many Years Does Facial Aesthetics Last?

Facial aesthetic areas will ensure the preservation of its effect for different periods of time according to the application method. For aesthetic operations such as facelift, it is stated that it can maintain its existence without deterioration between 7 and 15 years.

Thanks to advanced technologies, this period can be longer. Some aesthetic applications are permanent and the patient who has it done once can continue his life without the need for a second aesthetic operation.

Those who comply with the points to be considered before and after facial aesthetics will be able to ensure that the aesthetic applications are permanent.

For longer lasting permanence, the following should be considered after plastic surgery:

  • The patient should protect his/her face from external factors and physical factors,
  • If necessary, painkillers should be used,
  • The clothes worn should not come into direct contact with the face,
  • Smoking should not be used within the first 1 month after aesthetic surgery.

Those who pay attention to these will be able to maintain the existence of new and smooth skin structures formed after surgery for a long time and will not need a new aesthetic surgery. Smoking should be avoided. Because smoking causes capillary blockages and deterioration of the skin tissue. Various supportive procedures to be performed after the surgery will support the prolongation of the permanence period of aesthetic applications.

How Much Are Facial Aesthetics Prices?

Facial aesthetic prices vary according to the problems in the patient’s facial area. Aesthetic surgeries, known as facial beautification studies, are performed as full or regional.

While 2 – 3 hours of operation time is determined for some patients, this time can be up to 10 hours for some patients. The prices determined for the correction of the face shape vary according to the patient’s problems, the experience of the surgical specialist who will perform the procedure, and the hospital service conditions. While determining the prices, attention is also paid to whether the surgery will be performed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

Complete facial aesthetics prices are higher than regional applications. In complete facial shaping operations, it covers the area between the edge of the front of the ear and the bottom edge of the hairy area. Since it is a large area study, more than one shaping process is performed together. A separate price can be determined for each shaping and lifting procedure to be performed.

Aesthetic centres cannot publish price information for all types of aesthetic work. For this, the patient needs to meet with the plastic surgeon and get a price after the necessary preliminary examination. There may also be price differences between aesthetic centres according to the patient’s service conditions and the surgeon’s expertise. Each patient has the right to make price research and aesthetic centre selection.

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