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Lipofilling Process

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In general, lipofilling is applied to remove the fat around the abdomen or hips. After the fat cells are centrifuged by means of extremely thin cannulas, fat is injected into the desired area of the person through blunt-tipped cannulas.

What is Lipofilling?

Lipofilling procedure, i.e. fat grafting procedure, can be applied to certain parts of the face as well as to the hips, legs and breast. The fat graft,ng process is carried out to add volume to the area. It can also be applied in terms of volumising the cheekbones, volumising the tip and corners of the chin or eliminating soft tissue loss in some parts of the body.

How is Lipofilling Performed?

In facial fat injection procedures, chin, lips, cheekbones and under-eye areas come to the fore. Certain stages are followed to perform this procedure on the desired area. It is performed under local anaesthesia in highly sterile operating rooms. Those who wish can also have lipofilling performed comfortably under general anaesthesia.

Moreover, it is sometimes combined with minor facelift or other types of aesthetic procedures. The removal of fat tissue is mostly performed from the hips and abdomen. Whichever of these regions is desired, the procedure is started by making an incision of 2 mm.

After this discovery, fat vacuum is performed from the area with the help of cannulas of the same thickness. Thus, the transfer of fat tissue is easily realised. However, it is sometimes difficult to obtain the necessary fat tissue in individuals with low weight. The fat extracted is applied to the lower part of the skin by means of a cannula to the determined area.

It is also not possible to have any scars. Extremely small volumes of fat do not create asymmetry in the removed area. When large volume extractions are required, this work can be easily transferred to the required area because it is a liposuction procedure. Thus, unwanted excess fat is removed and transferred to the weak area.

This procedure is applied especially for breast tissue. Fat injection into the breast is also one of the procedures that are always preferred. It can also be said that lipofilling procedures have advantages.

The advantages can be listed as follows;

  • The procedures performed in the fat tissue do not cause any allergy in any way.
  • This process contains the possibility of application in larger volumes than the process performed with ready-made fillers.
  • It provides fullness in the applied area.
  • It increases blood circulation in the area thanks to stem cell precursors.
  • It has a very positive effect on the texture quality together with the skin.

Moreover, it has a higher rate of permanence compared to other ready-made fillers. For this reason, under-eye fat injection operation is always preferred by people.

To Which Areas Is Lipofilling Performed?

In addition to explaining the question of what lipofilling is in detail for you, it has also been mentioned where the fat grafting takes place.

However, to enter the subject in detail, the following regions are suitable for lipofilling;

  • Under the eye,
  • Lips,
  • Cheeks,
  • Cheekbone area,
  • Breasts,
  • Thighs,
  • Basil,
  • Chin,
  • Legs,
  • Nose edges,

Generally, this procedure can be applied professionally to all required areas without any problems.

From Which Areas Is Fat Extracted for Lipofilling?

When looking at the fat intake areas of those who want to make fat injection to the chin or a different region, the belly, hips, thighs and arms come to the fore. Among these regions, the most fat is taken from the abdomen area. Since most of the fat accumulates in the abdomen, this is the most common place to retrieve it. Of course, it is possible to remove it wherever the fat content is the highest and wherever it presents an uncomfortable image.

For Which Age Range is Lipofilling Suitable?

Of course, there must be certain criteria for fat injection under the eye or other different procedures. Among these criteria, it is essential to have people who have passed middle age. Because it is natural to perform the injection process because there will be certain deterioration on the face in people who have passed middle age. However, if young people have certain problems such as the receding chin tip, of course, there is no harm in its application.

Especially the permanence of the procedure is among the issues discussed. When the fat filling is taken and placed in the area, there should be no doubt about its permanence. Because when this operation is performed, the desired volume will exist permanently. However, it may be desirable to consolidate the tissue at the time determined by the doctor. Sometimes there is little fat loss, which can be prevented by consolidation.

But the purpose of lipofilling is to provide permanence at once. When we look at the lip fat injection, since it is a mobile area, there may be limited melting. However, with the consolidation process, this area also retains its volume permanently.

Lipofilling Prices

When the general picture of those who have fat injection is considered, they always express that they are always satisfied with their procedures. Of course, the robustness of the procedure is related to the correct selection of the area. Since professional hands will always take the necessary steps in the best way, the operations will take place exactly as desired. When we look at the lipofilling prices, it is noticeable that they differ from region to region.

The places where the operation will take place and the people who perform it will of course reflect the price differences to you depending on certain criteria. It is a known fact that fat injection prices are always among the curious issues. Nowadays, it is true that the prices are also curious due to the fact that this process has increased considerably. Prices vary depending on the doctor, the area and the part where the fat should be placed.

Lipofilling Process

Facial fat injection prices vary according to the region of the face. Accordingly, the transfer process is also an important practice that affects the price. In addition to all these, the prices of fat injection into the hips will of course be higher than the injection operation performed on the face. Because the larger the area and the more fat is injected, the more price difference will occur.

It has already been mentioned above about carrying out the process. The most important thing to consider is what to do before and after the process. The permanence rate of the filling varies between 60% and 70%. Of course, these rates will increase even more if the steps to be taken after the process are taken into consideration.

Important stages before and after fat injection to the face stand out.

Things to be considered before the process can be listed as follows;

  • Blood thinners should not be taken at least 15 days before the operation.
  • In addition to blood thinners, smoking should be stopped.
  • It is important to prepare mentally and physically for the operation.
  • Alcohol should be stopped 20 days in advance.
  • The area to be treated should not be cleaned with a razor beforehand at home. A small incision without being noticed may cause infection in the hospital environment.
  • Those who have had a previous clot problem should definitely inform the doctor about this.
  • Birth control pills should not be taken from 1 month before the operation.
  • The sleep of the people who will undergo the operation must be regular.
  • People with chronic diseases should definitely use their medications properly and it is extremely important to have medications with them, as they should be taken even after the operation.
  • It is not possible to perform fat injection for people who may become pregnant.
  • Nothing, including water, should be consumed 8 hours before the operation.
  • In addition, excessive fatigue should be avoided and a strict diet should be avoided. It is vital to pay attention to these rules before the fat injection. Of course, there are also issues to be considered after the procedure. The following stages should be followed before and after fat injection into the breast, such as the face or any other area;
  • In order to reduce the oedema after the operation, it is important to keep the treated area above the heart level. It is important for health to apply the lying position according to this desired stage.
  • Care should be taken to apply cold intermittently on the first day after the fat injection.
  • Immediately after the procedure, the edema that may occur due to the operation may take up to 2 weeks depending on the exact amount of fat tissue placed in the area and the character of the area.
  • It is normal to have significant oedema in the procedure applied to the lips. Edema will take a little longer than other areas.
  • A certain part of the applied fat tissue carries the possibility of melting, especially within a month. The remaining part lives permanently in the region of the person for life.
  • Considering the permanence rate, it will vary according to the applied area, amount and the way it is made.

Accordingly, it should be kept in mind that it should be waited for 1 month in order to fully evaluate the aesthetic result in a quality manner. Certain complications may also occur after the application. Minor infection, bruising, bleeding, minor asymmetry, excessive melting of the fat and the result is not exactly at the desired level. There is also a risk of fat embolism, although the condition is rare. This may be due to the infection of the fat, which is carried out in high volume.

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