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Gastric Balloon Surgery

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Gastric balloon is a very frequently preferred surgical method today. Especially people who cannot lose weight with diet and want to lose weight can reach the ideal weight thanks to the gastric balloon. When it is decided to perform a gastric balloon, all examinations are performed and if the patient does not have any risk, the procedure is performed.

It must be removed within 6 months and 1 year after the procedure. Since the gastric balloon is a procedure that guarantees weight loss in a short time, many people prefer it. Patients should not have the gastric balloon procedure without getting detailed information about what is gastric balloon. They prefer to choose the gastric balloon, which is the easier way to lose weight.

However, gastric balloon may also have side effects. However, the gastric balloon generally does not have the same effect on everyone. Especially after the operation, it is necessary to behave more carefully. Generally, it is very important to pay attention to the eating process after surgery. Otherwise, it may be possible to encounter different side effects.



How is Gastric Balloon Procedure Performed?

Gastric balloon procedure is a procedure performed without general anaesthesia. Some tests are performed by doctors before the procedure. Particular attention is paid to ensure that patients do not have a disease such as reflux and gastritis. If there is a health problem, this problem is eliminated first and then the gastric balloon procedure is performed.

There are two types as endoscopic and swallowable gastric balloon. Patients can contact the doctor for the swallowable gastric balloon price. In both procedures, the patient should not eat anything beforehand.

The balloon is inflated in a sanitary manner with the help of a blue dye. It is placed covering more than half of the stomach. This application takes approximately 1 hour. Doctors start the procedures after giving the necessary information about how to insert a gastric balloon.

What are the Side Effects of Gastric Balloon Procedure?

The gastric balloon procedure is generally a weight loss condition by placing a balloon in your stomach with a silicone system. After this procedure, your stomach shrinks and your eating is limited. Depending on the type of gastric balloon, it should stay in the stomach for 4 or 12 months. After the balloon is inserted, vomiting and discomfort in the stomach is felt.

These nausea can be prevented by using some medicines. After the gastric balloon procedure, cramps may occur in the stomach from time to time as there is a process of getting used to the balloon. Various complications such as weakness, nausea and vomiting may occur in the first three days after the procedure. This is generally considered to be very normal.

However, after a certain period of time, such side effects will also be over. Doctors treat directly when they hear a side effect from patients as those who have a gastric balloon. However, when you encounter a different situation, it is absolutely necessary to report this situation to the doctor.

In Which Cases Is Gastric Balloon Not Applicable?

Gastric balloon procedure is a procedure applied only to healthy people. Each doctor checks whether people have a disease before the procedure is performed. Balloon application is not applied to people over the age of 60, alcohol addiction, pregnant women and people with eating disorders. In general, it is necessary to pay attention to such problems.

Otherwise, it is possible to encounter many more side effects. Generally, gastric balloon surgery is performed by specialist doctors. Before having surgery, it is absolutely necessary to get information about gastric balloon prices.

In particular, no gastric balloon procedure is applied to patients with disease. Although many patients want to have a gastric balloon to lose weight, necessary tests must be performed. Blood pressure and diabetes are also generally an obstacle to having a gastric balloon. People with a disease must inform the doctor about the disease.

Gastric Balloon Prices

When you decide to have a gastric balloon, you should definitely get detailed information about the prices. Generally, the prices of gastric balloon operation vary. The price is usually determined according to the examinations performed during the gastric balloon. Price determination is very important for every patient who wants to have a gastric balloon.

Although many patients prefer doctors who offer more affordable prices, doctors who are experts in their field may be more important. Patients should definitely get detailed information about the process while getting prices from hospitals and doctors.

Patients can have surgery after receiving information about the cost of gastric balloon. Gastric balloon prices may vary in prices according to the materials used in this procedure. However, the choice of doctor is also very important before having a gastric balloon.

Especially if there are people around you who have had gastric balloon surgery, it may be right to get more detailed information from them. In this way, you will get more detailed information about the process before deciding to have surgery. For this reason, it may be better to choose a doctor who is an expert in their field.

Process After Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon procedure is a procedure performed with anaesthesia. After the operation, a balloon is placed in a certain volume of your stomach. However, your stomach does not get used to this immediately and some complications may occur. After a certain period of time, the complications gradually begin to subside.

However, during this adjustment period, patients occasionally experience complaints. It is also possible to make fewer complaints by using various medicines and stomach protectors. After the balloon insertion process, attention should be paid to eating and drinking.

In general, those who lose weight with gastric balloon are quite high. It is especially useful to manage this process by following the doctor’s recommendations. In general, different reactions can be observed in most patients. However, preoperative examinations prevent these reactions.

For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to research before having a gastric balloon. Since many people cannot lose weight spontaneously, they reach the ideal weight more easily thanks to the gastric balloon. Since weight loss is performed in a very healthy way, patients prefer to have a gastric balloon.

Nutrition After Gastric Balloon Procedure

Liquid nutrition is recommended for the first week after the gastric balloon procedure. It is useful to eat pureed food with a liquid diet. Products such as milk, buttermilk, compote, fruit juice should be consumed. Generally, consumption should be done more carefully and little by little while feeding. It is necessary to avoid too salty and fatty meals.

In general, by paying attention to such nutrition, complaints are minimised. It is necessary to avoid solid food until such time as the doctor tells you. It is especially beneficial to prefer easily digested foods such as puree and yoghurt.

Food should be eaten very slowly and digested. It is very important to pay attention to soft and liquid nutrition after the operation. It is especially useful to avoid spicy dishes and hot dishes as they will strain your stomach.

However, cereal dishes can be consumed. Patients should definitely think well when they decide to have a balloon inserted into the stomach. Since it is a very difficult process, it is also useful to be careful afterwards. Generally, those who have a gastric balloon inserted cannot immediately switch to a normal diet.

Only gradually, after the eating pattern is established in accordance with the process, they can start eating normally. For this reason, it is useful to pay close attention to the eating pattern after the gastric balloon insertion procedure. In this way, you will also prevent complications that will occur after surgery more quickly.

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