What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplantation?

Hair is an extremely important limb that has an important place in our appearance, and for this reason, hair transplantation and hair transplant success rate are among the most discussed topics. Especially in male individuals, hair loss may occur due to both aging and some ailments.
Hair loss is an important condition that affects people psychologically and disrupts the quality of daily life. Although many people say that I am at peace with myself and that it is possible to have hair, most of the time they cannot hide themselves from the pressure of society and begin to see the situation as a deficiency in themselves.
In fact, no individual who may experience hair loss for procedures that have treatment and successful results do not need to upset themselves. In today’s techniques, it is seen that the success rate in hair transplantation is between 95-97% in men and 86-90% in women. It is extremely pointless to wait for a procedure with such high results or to be exposed to social pressure.

Hair Transplant Success Rate

Especially male individuals who lose their hair for various reasons in social life; They face many problems such as introversion, embarrassment and insecurity. Overcoming these problems can only be achieved with a successful hair transplant operation.
We know that hair transplantation is done by many organizations, but we do not know how many of them do this job professionally. For this reason, the success rate in hair transplantation is closely related to the fact that this work is carried out with a professional team who are experts in their fields.
When we look at the situation of people who are unsuccessful in hair transplantation; We see that either this process is carried out by unauthorized persons or the process is not carried out in accordance with the technique. For this reason, it means success in hair transplantation; Technical means expertise.

Successful Hair Transplant

When hair transplantation is performed in a clinical environment and by specialists, it is almost impossible to get unsuccessful results. In order to have a successful hair transplant, first of all, the general evaluation of the person who will have hair transplantation must be made.
Because each individual’s scalp structure is different. In addition, the amount of hair in the person is a factor that affects the success rate of hair transplantation. It will not be difficult to achieve success in hair transplantation with personalized applications.

What is the Success Rate in Hair Transplantation?

Among the questions that occupy the minds of people who are considering hair transplantation the most, I will have a hair transplant, but the question of whether the hair will grow or whether the procedure will be successful. If the necessary examinations are performed before hair transplantation and the procedure is performed according to the person’s body, successful results can be obtained.
Success in hair transplantation is measured by how much hair is accepted by the person’s body and starts to grow after transplantation. After transplantation, shedding such as 10% or 15% is normal and transplantation is considered successful.

Is Hair Transplantation Successful?

Hair transplantation is first and foremost a medical intervention and successful results can be easily obtained when it is performed by experienced people who are adequately trained in this procedure. We see that people who have hair transplantation experience uneasiness at first for hair transplantation.
However, when transplantation is done and successful results are obtained, there is no description of the happiness on the face. Ten years, fifteen years of rejuvenation and an explosion of self-confidence, all of these can be achieved by replacing the lost hair.
Although it is not possible to bring back the lost years, it is possible to replace the lost hair with today’s technology. If you have a problem with your hair, you can apply to a specialist organization without hesitation and have a hair transplant procedure and look at the world from a different perspective.

Will Hair Transplantation Fail?

In order to give the best answer to the question of whether hair transplantation is unsuccessful, it is necessary to examine the reasons that push the transplantation process to failure.
We can list the reasons that lead to the failure of hair transplantation as follows;

  1. Incompetent and unauthorized transactions
  2. Refusal of the person’s body to the transplantation process
  3. Carrying out the planting process in unsanitary conditions
  4. Inadequate hair care and control after hair transplantation
  5. Poor quality of the equipment used
  6. Not paying attention to age and gender criteria in the transplantation process

When a hair transplant fails, both your health and your money will be wasted. For this reason, if you have a hair transplant plan in the near future, it is extremely important to get support from expert organizations. Procedures performed in places referred to as under the stairs may expose you to irreparable health problems.