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Lip Augmentation Process

Lip augmentationprocedures are frequently preferred by people who want to make their facial features more prominent and reveal their facial beauty. It is always possible to have a more voluminous and more prominent lip structure with lip filling procedures. In such procedures, the person’s own fat tissue can be used, as well as ready-made medical filling products.Aesthetic procedures to be performed on the lips must be performed in accordance with the facial symmetry of the person. This is done by determining preferences through physician and patient interviews. In pre-procedure examinations, the thinness of the lip, the patient’s skin structure and facial pleasures are evaluated.It is determined in which areas the thickening will be carried out and which methods will be used. Especially the patient’s mouth structure should be taken into consideration. In this process, the patient’s congenital or acquired lip symmetry problems and curvatures can be evaluated and aesthetic changes around the lips can be decided.

How is Lip Filling Performed?

The nerves in the lips are more sensitive than the nerves in other parts of the face. Although the applications for the aesthetic structure of the lips may seem simple, unwanted complications may occur if the necessary care is not taken. For this reason, procedures must be performed in clinical environments and by experienced physicians.In cases where ready-made filling products are used in filler lip procedures, there is always a risk of reaction of the body. For such cases, the person’s own fat filling can be preferred as much as possible. Before the filling procedures, the patient is photographed and the lip structure is imaged after the method to be applied on the photograph.After the patient’s decision, the lip structure obtained from the photography method is provided. Anaesthetic creams are used to prevent the patient from feeling pain during the procedure. After about 15 minutes, the lips do not feel the pain.In this way, filling procedures are performed smoothly and painlessly. Filling procedures are started from the middle part of the lip, which is described as the lip heart. Since the use of too little or too much filling material will disrupt the aesthetic structure of the lip, the dosage is carefully adjusted by the physician.

Russian Technique Lip Filling

The types of lip fillers may vary according to the methods used and the desired lip structure. Russian lip filling, originally called Russian Lips, is one of the most preferred augmentation methods among women recently.Although Russian technique lip augmentation is frequently preferred, it must first of all adapt to the aesthetic structure of the patient. Thanks to the developing aesthetic methods, lips can now have a luscious appearance in a short time without surgery.Russian technique filling systems have the ability to easily adapt to many face shapes. In this filling system, hyaluronic acid-based dermal filling material is generally used. However, it may differ from other methods in terms of the technique applied.In the Russian Lips method, the lips have a natural appearance and there are no negative images such as slipping and overflowing in the lip frame. In the Russian technique, the filling material is given to the patient little by little and according to the lip structure. Filling procedures are applied from top to bottom. In this way, the desired shape can be easily created.

What is Permanent Lip Filling?

Ladies who want to have filled lips, they often investigate the subject how permanent is lip filling . The average duration of use in lip fillers obtained with hyaluronic acid-based dermal filling applications varies between 15 and 20 months. Medical lip filling silicones are used in permanent lip filling procedures.Silicone is surgically placed in the desired position by creating a 1 or 2 mm incision from the corner of the lip. Local anaesthetic procedures are used during the procedures. The operation can be performed within 20 to 30 minutes depending on the amount of filling. After the procedure, the incision section is closed with a dissolvable suture method.The quality of the medical filling material used in this method affects the duration of permanence. If quality products are used, lips can maintain their new appearance for many years. It is always possible to obtain natural lip augmentation when appropriate methods are adopted in both temporary and permanent lip augmentation.

What are Lip Augmentation Methods?

When using cosmetic products, it is possible to make the lips look thicker than they are by using the right methods. In addition, lips can be enlarged to a certain extent by accelerating blood flow in the lips using some products.However, with these methods, it does not seem possible for the lips to maintain their large appearance for a long time. The effects of these methods show daily effects. However, the desired lip position can be maintained for a long time with hyaluronic acid-based dermal method or permanent silicone applications.With lip augmentation procedures;
  • Lips have a more voluminous appearance,
  • Age-related sagging is eliminated,
  • Asymmetric unwanted images are eliminated,
  • Aesthetic appearance suitable for the mouth structure is provided,
  • Unwanted lines formed in the lip frame are eliminated,
such as situations reach the desired level. In patients with allergic reactions to external filling materials, the patient’s fat tissue can also be utilised.Thanks to the types of lip fillers, some modelling is performed according to the characteristics and wishes of the patient. Those who want to have a voluminous lip structure can choose botox lips. Those who want to fill the middle part of the lip can adopt the Paris lip model. Among lip modelling, V and Y techniques are among the methods that can be used frequently.

Is Lip Augmentation Temporary?

Research is done by people who need lip augmentation on how to make lip augmentation. This is necessary to determine the most accurate method for lip augmentation. No matter which method is used in lip augmentation, no lifetime guarantee can be given under any circumstances.However, the methods used are an important determinant of the duration of use. Whether the method is permanent or temporary can only prolong or shorten the period of use. The application of temporary methods can offer a duration of use of up to 20 months, while this period can be extended even further with permanent methods. The duration of use of lip augmentation may also be determined by the patient’s behaviour after lip augmentation.The patient can return to normal life within 3-4 hours after the operation. The patient is recommended an ice complex in the first 3-4 hours. After 7 to 10 days, swelling and bruises resulting from the operation disappear completely. During this period, movements that will force the lips should be avoided.

Lip Augmentation Prices

The difference in the methods used is decisive for lip filler prices. In order to make permanent lip augmentation price research, the prices of the medical product to be applied should be revealed. Prices will vary according to the brand and recognition of the product used. In addition, the recognition of the team involved in the operation directly affects the prices.Lip aesthetics prices, also referred to as temporary filling methods, are more advantageous than permanent methods. Moreover, after the use of this method, there is no need for a second operation, since the filling material, which has expired, is naturally excreted from the body.

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